Rs. 74,800

Reversible 'Nahar' jacket is versatile and can be turned inside-out to become an all new garment. Its one side is in Varanasi silk brocade and advocates for the conservation and coexistence between mankind and nature by featuring silhouettes of the Asiatic Lion and a human woman, often one looks like the other, and often different - it's a matter of perspective. 

The other side features cut-work textile that draws from the lush mane of the Asiatic lion or abundant leaves of a jungle tree wherein each leaf is cut and hand-sown individually on silk-twill canvas.  

The jacket has custom-made brass buttons with black enamel detailing and side pockets.

Model is 173cm/5'7" and is wearing a size Small-Medium jacket.

Natural variations in colours and weave are part of the textile, as it is handwoven.

Made to Order: This jacket is made to order. Standard production time is 4-5 weeks. Shipping time is additional, to know more see our Shipping Information. 

ASIATIC LION (Panthera leo persica)

There are only several hundred Asiatic lions in the wild, residing in a small area of the Gir Forest, India. The males do not tend to live with the females of their pride unless they’re mating or have a large kill, unlike their slightly larger counterpart, the African lion. Asian lions used to range from Turkey, across Asia, to eastern India, but the rise of firearms across the world meant that they were hunted to near-extinction for sport. 


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